Automation of industries and offices workflows with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom.

PaaS is organized on DIY (Do It Yourself) principles, allowing any user to easily create their own solutions and processes without coding using Low-code tools.

Digital mirror of your business

NECTAIN DIY is full stack tools and solutions on an end-to-end automation platform as a practical implementation of a low-code PaaS environment.

One platform

Any enterprise applications, any forms documents, any business workflows

Building an application in just a few clicks is easy and simple if you define Nectain DIY as Work OS a single source of reliable information, as an environment for effective interaction between your employees and all company counterparts. The solutions are native, accessible and work reliably – based on JavaScript plugins around the core of the popular Camunda platform.

Welcome to world efficient solutions
for front & back office

Freedom to own your automation:

Why Nectain?

Nectain DIY implements a global optimization logic based on the practicality of personnel activities

Your business is our care. Genuine care

Nectine DIY will automate 90% of back office processes and procedures. 

Low-code platform DIY

Process automation is implemented through the independent development of your own business applications. 

Enterprise orchestration

Create events and see how they all fit into the bigger picture. 

Pay only for what you need

Create events and see how they all fit into the bigger picture. 

When and who needs it

Important and key business processes available for automation on Nectaine DIY

Small and medium-size business

Educational, Design and R&D centers

Enterprises & service companies

Public authorities

Recommended user competencies

Key skills and competencies for working with Nectain DIY

Executive Level Users / Decision Makers

Project office staff